Hopinoy is a mobile application that helps parents to organize ride-share for their children to their activities (school or extra-school activities).

The name of Hopinoy comes from:

  • Hopi” which is the name of a native American tribe whose values were peace, kindness, mutual aid, brotherhood and community — and these…

For the 2nd project of Ironhack bootcamp, we had to work on a digital solution relating to wellness.

The 6 dimensions of wellness.

Source: National Wellness Institute

I chose to work on the balance between work and private life. …

During that first week at Ironhack, we had an introduction to the principles of UX design and the Design Thinking process.

The 5 steps of the Design Thinking process:

Design Thinking Process explained

In teams of 3 students, we had to design a digital solution that allows to increase the online presence of a…

This is the final exercise of the Ironhack prework! So for this final case, we had to perform a usability test on a website, identify pain points and propose a solution with a paper prototype.

I chose to work on the University of Michigan website. https://umich.edu

University of Michigan — Home page

My user was given…

This is an article on the Design Thinking Exercise that is part of the Ironhack UX/UI prework program.

The Context

Whole Bank is a bank based in Massachussets, USA. They aim to provide innovative banking services to their customers.

They have developed a mobile application that allows their customers to…

Mylene Lu

Hello, I am a UX/UI designer in Paris with a background in product user documentation

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